7 Reasons You Can’t Miss This Tiny House Festival in California

TinyFest California is just around the corner.

Every year, you say you will go, but then you decide that it’s too much of a hassle to travel, life is too busy, and that a tiny house festival is just too frivolous. But let’s pause. It’s true that living in a tiny house is whimsical and fun, but there is nothing frivolous about taking control of your housing.

So it’s time to stop talking yourself out of your tiny home dream and at least learn more about the tiny house lifestyle! 

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And with that, here are seven reasons you can’t miss TinyFest THE tiny house festival in California.

#1 Tiny House Tours

Touring tiny houses at a tiny house festival will bring your tiny home dream alive on another level.  TinyFest holds a special place in the hearts of the tiny home community. So come join us, and check out all the best tiny home layouts, tiny home designs, and tiny home floor plans. The best tiny house builders in California can't wait to meet you!

#2 Quality Tiny House Information
Have you been searching for “tiny house festivals in California” because researching tiny homes online feels chaotic and confusing? If so, you need TinyFest.

Tiny house festivals are great because you can get answers from people already living the tiny house lifestyle.  Pop in on to hear valuable information presented on the Main Stage, ask a question during a panel discussion at the Community Stage or strike up a conversation with a vendor, builder, nomad or fellow attendees. 

You will have access to tiny house experts, and the best tiny house building companies in California!

I’m ready to buy my ticket to TinyFest

#3 Tiny House Festival Live Music by Fort Vine & more! 
Meet FortVine, a husband and wife team who are full-time traveling musicians. They live in a sprinter van named Gypsee Bungalow and produce Indie-folk singles about life on the road.

If you haven’t watched the California sunset while seeing dreams play out this vividly, TinyFest is your opportunity. So whatever you do, don’t miss the live music of Fort Vine, Tralain, The Travelers, and Marti Marti, at this California tiny house festival!

#4 Nomad Village

You’ve heard of people who quit their jobs, convert a school bus into a tiny home, and spend half their day on a beach in Mexico, right? OK, but have you met one yet? If you’d like to meet a ton of people living this story, TinyFest California is the tiny house festival to find them!

At TinyFest, you’ll meet vanlifers, skoolie owners, off-gridders, and others living in alternative housing structures. You’ll be able to ask questions, tour their homes, find out how they earn money on the road, pitfalls to avoid and other great advice from these experienced nomads. 

#5 Tours by Tiny Home Celebrities
This year, keep your eyes peeled for celebrity YouTuber Jarrod Tocci! This past year, he built a DIY tiny house and built a new van in partnership with Sandy Vans. We can’t wait to ask him questions!

Lindsay Wood, AKA The Tiny Home Lady, is another tiny house celebrity you won’t want to miss at TinyFest! Lindsay is a major player in tiny home advocacy, and she will be answering tiny house questions, and leading VIP tiny house tours throughout the festival!

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#6 Tiny House Ideas
If you were hoping a tiny house festival like TinyFest California could deliver a hefty dose of tiny home inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

At TinyFest, you’ll find small homes in a variety of size and styles, building materials designed to withstand intense weather, waterless toilets, and luxury tiny homes you’ll never forget. The ideas are endless.

So… we’ll see you there? 

Heck, yes! I’m Buying a Ticket to TinyFest!

#7 Tiny House Festival Fun
TinyFest is a BIG tiny house festival. So suffice it to say, we bring the party!

If you join us at TinyFest, you can expect to see stilt walkers, bubblers, unicyclists, and honestly, that’s just the circus troupe we hire. Who knows what fun toys our vanlife friends will show up with this year?!

Long story short: TinyFest California is a tiny house festival you’ll remember.

THE Tiny House Festival 

TinyFest is where you will find support from people who have the same thoughts as you. 
Is it a good idea to buy a tiny house?
Will I ever find legal tiny house parking in California?
Where can I get financing to buy a tiny home?

We had those questions too, but then we found our answers and found each other. Are we happy? Well, we’ll let you see for yourself. Hint: 😀

YES! Take Me to TinyFest!

Article written by Renee

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