Say hello to TinyFest CEO and founder, Renee Seevers. For her, the idea of “Going Tiny” is more than just buying and moving into a moveable home. It’s about sustainability, autonomy, flexibility, and freedom: financial freedom, freedom of mobility, and freedom from stuff and stress. And, it’s about having fun!

TinyFest began as the brainchild of Seevers, a native of Iowa. After living and maintaining a 3300 square foot, 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house – she decided to sell it all after her youngest daughter was heading to college. She kept thinking it was “Her Time” to do what she wanted – and she wanted a Tiny House!

She bought her first tiny home on wheels – a 87 square foot home nicknamed “Big R” and took it to a few festivals in 2016.
She kept thinking, “We need to have more of these festivals, because it gives people a great way to experience tiny living, ask questions, and see things in person.”

That’s why she created TinyFest Midwest, in Des Moines, Iowa, featuring fellow Iowan and ‘The Godfather of Tiny Houses', Jay Shafer. She then branched out to create TinyFest California, TinyFest Northwest, TinyFest Texas & TinyFest Southwest. 

Renee now lives in her short bus, The TinyFest Express, with her husband Zev.
couple in their forties take a selfie in the car. Big smiles on both

About TinyFest Events

Meet the Passionate People Behind TinyFest Events


Meet Tracy! She’s not only TinyFest COO, but she's also Renee’s best friend.

She is a busy gal, but all you will see is Tracy’s welcoming smile at TinyFest!  She works on website updates, ticketing system, sponsors, getting vendor registered and in place, and so much more. She is great at organizing and helps keeps things running smoothly. Her organizational and people skills make her invaluable to TinyFest attendees. Her gentle, calm demeanor amidst the chaos and her long-term friendship make her invaluable to Renee.

Tracy's husband and adult children have joined the TinyFest Team at many events. They are appreciated by all for their work ethic and great attitude. They all embrace the spirit of what TinyFest is about.


TinyFest California 2020 was Erin and Joe's first time gathering with other Nomads and they haven't missed one since! Erin loves to get together with other nomads and connecting with them on social media. That's why she is our Nomad Wrangler and Social Media Diva!!

You will see Erin at TinyFest taking care of nomads, taking photos and videos, plus showing off her home The Amarillo Armadillo. 

Erin is also an amazing chef. Her sourdough bread is famous in the nomad world, as is her ability to bring together a group of nomads for a meal from her tiny kitchen and an evening of hanging out with friends old and new. 


Jess handles everything from public relations and press events to editorial content for the TinyFest blog and newsletters. Strategy, planning, and execution are her tools for success. Jess is a creative problem-solver with a genuine interest in helping others.

As a full-time nomad with her husband, Greg, Jess was introduced to TinyFest by showing their van in Nomad Village at the 2020 and 2021 SoCal events. Full-time travel has taken them from coast to coast and from Baja to Alaska. While the couple has transitioned away from vanlife, she and Greg are now traveling part-time in a Chevy Colorado truck with a Tune M1 camper. They built a homestead in southwest Colorado, working towards a self-sustained lifestyle and continuing to maintain financial independence.

Reg & Janelle

Renee can always count on help from her brother and sister-in-law at TinyFest (and in the rest of life too!) Reg is great at logistics and security. His military background and willingness to always stand up for his little sitster make him perfect for the job. Janelle is head honcho at the merchandise booth. Her calm and friendly personality are appreciated greatly by the rest of the team and by TinyFest attendees too.


Meet our friend Gabe. He first joined the team at TinyFest Midwest in 2019 and has been stuck with us ever since. (We tend to do that to people.) He doesn’t hesitate to “go get it done” and then ask what else he can do to help. He’s awesome! Gabe is constantly filling in anywhere that he is needed and running errands non-stop- which is why he always gets to drive one of the golf carts and why he has earned him the nickname “Gopher Gabe”.

Videos from Past Events

TinyFest California -San Diego 2023

Video by CBS 8 San Diego

TinyFest California-San Diego 2023

Video by Rehab8  

TinyFest California -San Diego 2023

Video by Brandon Gross

TinyFest California -San Diego 2022

Video by TravTravels

TinyFest California-Pleasanton  2022

Video by FOX KTVU 2 

Thank You Everyone That Helps Make TinyFest Great!

Too many friends and familly to list.... we couldn't do it without you!