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If you have a quality hand-crafted product that will enrich any home OR a product or service that pertains to tiny houses, sustainability, simple living, adventure travel, healthy living, reducing, reusing, or recycling, you will find your best customers at TinyFest California.

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victron energy logo
Logo for Made in the Shade
logo for Solatube home
logo for VeggiDome
origami owl logo
bright yellow background with orange sun burst reads "tiny home power. DIY power generation, solar gear & battery storage, energy efficint appliances, consulting"
logo for Leaf Filter Gutter Protection
logo looks like a key and the notches are roofs of houses. Reads Tiny Home Central Consulting Services
logo reads "Wilderwise Living Free Homes"
Tiny On! logo
logo has a piece of lumber, rolled up plans, nails, screws, and tools all held together by a ribbon that reads "Josh Builds A Tiny House"
logo has an apple with the words Kitchen Craft cookware
logo has rooftops in shades of green look similar to mountians. Reads Tiny House Block
book cover for The Big Adventures of Tiny House
logo reads ADU Gurus Concept to Keys
Logo uses 4 square and a triangle to create the shape of a house. Reads: American Vision Windows
logo has blue oval inside it reads "Bath Makeover" underneath "by Shugarman"
logo reads SunFusion Energy Systems
logo reads: Renewal by Anderson Window Replacement. Has graphic of a brauny man holding a window
logo reach American Tiny House Association
black & white clipart with front of two jeeps and a VW bus. The letters GTFO in the windshield of the middle one
logo is simply the word KALM.
logo reads "colorSTREET" with six colorful dots to the right of the words
Logo reads "Tiny Home Industry Assocation"
logo reads "Taxa Outdoors"
logo has reads "GeoComb Homes Sustainable... out of the Box!"
logo reads "Socks 4 Balance" top half of letters are gray, bottom half is red
logo has b/w graphic of a tiny house on wheels and reads "TinyHousePlans.com"
a black circle with the letter M in it and "MAC Insurance" underneath it. It is rather modern looking
logo reads Separett
logo reads "{ZERO} Waste Kit
Logo reads "Elor Energy"
logo reads Dream style remodeling. the word style has the roofline of a house over the top of it
logo reads California Tiny House
logo with two hands holding up a hammer and a wrench. Reads "Tiny House Build Arming the DIY Movement Since 2006"
logo has a splash of pink paint . there is a gold outline of a square and the words "love paint"
logo reads "Bath Fitter"
logo reads "NTA" The T is wide and slanted so that it looks like the roof of a house extending over the other letters
logo reads "LATCH" the A is created from the shape of a house
logo reads "Interfaith community services Helping People Help Themselves"
logo reads "180 Solar Power" and has a graphic of an orange sun with solar panels as the center
logo has photo of cannabis leaves with a graphic of a plant and root over the top of it. Also the words "Alive Market"
logo has a red diamond shape with an "S" and a "P" in it. Reads "System Pavers Outdoor Living Designed Around You"