The Time is Now

Celebrate "YOUR TIME" at TinyFest California

Everyone has a reason (or two) that draws them to the tiny house lifestyle. For some, a tiny home is a way to make the world better or create memories. For others, a tiny house could help save money or provide the freedom that comes from a less-is-more approach to life.

This year, more than ten thousand tiny home dwellers, tiny home enthusiasts, tiny home vendors, tiny home financing experts, and the best tiny house builders in California will be coming to TinyFest, and everyone wants to know the answer to one question:  

Why do you want a tiny home?

What are the deeply rooted reasons motivating your tiny home goals?

The impact of a tiny home is not to be underestimated, which is why this year at TinyFest California, you are invited to participate in a shared festival experience designed to bring you closer to you tiny home goals.


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The Origin of The Time is Now

We are calling this festival experience The Time is Now. Here’s how it started.

Our team at TinyFest recently polled hundreds of tiny home enthusiasts to find out what was drawing them to the tiny home lifestyle. 

We found that the tiny home movement draws people in four main categories and for twelve specific reasons. Oh, and that most people have a main reason and secondary reason for going tiny.

So without further ado, here’s what people said is drawing them to the tiny home movement.

Why Do People Desire Tiny Homes?

  1. Provide housing for a friend or family member
  2. Be example of good housing model
  3. Lower my carbon footprint
  4. Spend time with friends and family
  5. Enjoy a hobby/pursue a passion
  6. Travel more
  7. Have less financial stress
  8. Own my own home
  9. Retire comfortably
  10. Freedom from "stuff"
  11. Less to clean
  12. Locational freedom/ movability

How to Participate in The Time is Now

The time IS now. 

It’s time to stop talking yourself out of your tiny home dreams. After all, the twelve reasons above are deeply important motivations. 

1 - Discover Your Time

You will be given a ‘clock sticker with each number representing a reason to go tiny. There are no wrong answers, so just choose the ones that feel most right to you!

2 - Complete Your Clock

Now,  imagine an hour hand pointing to your main reason, and a minute hand pointing to your secondary reason. This is YOUR special time, and it will communicate to others at the festival what’s inspiring your goals.

3 - Set Your Alarm

Once you have your special time, you’ll set an alarm on your phone to go off then as a DAILY reminder of why your tiny home goals are important.

4 - Celebrate ‘Your Time’ at TinyFest California

At the event entry

  • You’ll be given a ‘clock’ sticker with each number representing a reason to go tiny.
  • Draw an hour hand pointing to the number of your top reason and a minute hand pointing to the number of your secondary reason.
  • And, set your alarm ⏰

Then, you can take Instagram photos with our Big Clock, wear your sticker to proudly show what motivates you, meet other people who share your reasons for going tiny, and have more productive conversations with vendors.

Join Us at TinyFest California 

March 16 & 17, 2024 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds 

TinyFest is your opportunity to be surrounded by thousands of others who believe in the power of intentional, attainable housing. 

We’d love to have you come listen to the live music, hear our expert speakers share their wisdom, and soak up the tiny house information, inspiration, and fun. 

Oh, and after the festival, every day at YOUR special time, your phone will chime to remind you that the magic of the tiny home lifestyle is on its way. 

So what do you think? Will you join us?

Article written by Renee

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