Tour a variety of homes!

Meet tiny house builders and van & bus up-fitters!
Talk with homeowners who have “gone tiny” and are excited to share their experiences with you.


Examples of what you can expect to see at TinyFest Midwest 2020….

Professionally Built Show Models

modern looking tiny house on wheels has dark metal siding and light wood inside
Modern looking logo large V looks metalic gold & silver. Reads "Vandeberg Contracting"
tiny house on wheels is two tone gray with a bright blue door. It looks large for a tiny house and is on a triple axle trailer
simple black and white logo that has a small house on wheels with a hawk in front of it. Reads Hawk Tiny Homes, Inc.

Privately Owned Homes

photo of a tiny house on wheels that appears to be parked in an RV park. It has a small fenced yard and is dark red.


Holly’s traveling home on wheels
photo of family dressed in 70s attire


Meet the Jobe family of 6 (and growing!)
Silver ambulance parked in front of a tall bridge in the hazy light of morning


100% off-grid converted ambulance- For Sale!
photo of a bus in a grassy field. The blue sky has whispy clouds that appear almost to be swooshing out from the bus

International Genesis

Roaming home of “The Roaming Folk”
small tiny house on wheels made of wood is adorned with flowers in front & a large "R" on the side

Big R

87 sq. ft. of off-grid living- For Sale!
back view of a white Sprinter van. Logo on the back window reads "POHventure" and has a smile under it.


Join Caitlin & Evan in their Pursuit Of Happiness
green grass & trees scene with a school bus painted aqua blue & white and a man carrying a bucket to the bus


Becky & family inspire others to create freedom
small school bus painted dark gray sits on a beach on a gray day

Dark Horse

Tiny house for 2 … on the move!