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Professional Builders

Computer created images of a modern looking tiny house
Logo reads Leap Adaptive very clean look with green branches as decor
photo of an adventure van with a tent on top in ftont of a beautiful starry sky
logo reads VanCraft with what looks like the suns rays before the words
tiny house on wheels exterior photo gray and wood siding
logo reads Tiny Mountain Houses and has a graphic with a mountain and the roofline of a house above it. in between the two are the initials TMH
logo reads Tiny Topanga USA Est. 2016 MEX around the outside in a circle. Inside the circle is a sketch of a tiny house with mountains in the background
park model tiny house - light green with white trim and large deck
logo reads Rebuilding Green Sef Sustainable Communities
dome shaped building white on a large wood platform
logo is yellow circle with words "Omni Dome Human & Space Since 2004"
computer made drwaing of a shipping container turned into a home
logo simple design reads Crate with a few white boxes before words
exterior photo of a large horse trailers with the openings filled in with windows
logo reads Benton Custome Home Furnishings, featuring tiny house trailers and custom home furniture
white tiny house on wheels with black shutters adn a door on the side
round logo reads Back Porch Homes around the circle with a house and everygreen trees in the center
inside of a tiny house house all white with black appliances
round logo reads Back Porch Homes around the circle with a house and everygreen trees in the center
a 40ft long tiny house on wheels. It's long and lean, all white with black trim
round logo reads Back Porch Homes around the circle with a house and everygreen trees in the center
A very small box looking tiny house on four small wheels with a handle to move it manually on the outside
logo reads DPZ Co Design. black box with simple white letters
a tiny house on wheels that has striped siding and an awning set up in front of it
Logo with red box and the letters NNH in them underneath says No-Nonsense Housing Co.
a metal box about the size of a shipping container being unfolded from flat pack to a box with a small crane the size of a forklift
logo with the graphic of a house and the words "The Folding Project Radical Housing Solutions"
a house that looks like a shipping container with the logo for The Folding Project on the side
logo with the graphic of a house and the words "The Folding Project Radical Housing Solutions"
small vintage camper set up with an awning, rug, and two lawn chairs outside
logo reads Wanderlust Vintage Trailers with a graphic of a vintage camper in the center
exterior photo of a white camper van
logo is black background with words Johnson Custom Van Solutions and a graphic of a Sprinter style camper van in the woods
Tiny house on wheels with a deck that appears to be made from pallets
logo reads Tiny House Block with a green shapes above it that appear to be like a home infront of mountains
A single slory and double story square house with flat roof
logo reads BOXABL welcome home. The A is shaped like a house
interior image of a tiny house. white walls, wood ceiling, clean look
logo reads Volstrukt Agile Framing Systems
architects rendition of a steel frame of a small home with the words "New steel frame product unveiling at TinyFest!"
logo reads Volstrukt Agile Framing Systems
logo reads Crown Pacific Homes. There is a wave under the words and a crown above the word Pacific

Privately Owned Homes

school bus painted light blue and white

Ola The Bus

Catch some waves with Ben & Tatum on their coastal journey as they venture into affordable living as newly married high school sweethearts.
photo of a school bus turned into a camper. Painted cream./light tan and parked on on sand with blue sky above


Fezz, Squid, & Maverick just moved into their magnificent bus Goose on March 26. Welcome to Skoolie Life!
small vardo gypsy wagon pulled by an SUV

Modern Gypsy

Check out Jeremy’s small, lightweight camper caravan that feels bigger inside than out. Rustic touches and cleaver upcycling abound.
photo of a small school bus with a large solar panel on top tilted up

The Frizzle

Home to John, a traveling surgical technologist, and his two Dalmatians. Frizzle features two patio access points for the pups.
photo of a young man standing in front of the open doorway to his van playing electric guitar while in the woods

The Bog Bus

Jake, a professional musician based in San Diego, built his van for being a mobile recording studio/live outdoor venue. He tours the country, bringing outdoor rock shows to audiences across beaches, mountains, woods, and deserts. Where they go, music follows!
interior photo of a camper van with couch on the left and countertop on the right. Photo taken from the back toward the front (driving area)

Generation Wanderer

We are Faith and Shaunnan, a newly engaged couple who built out a 2005 Dodge Sprinter and continue to learn more about the freedom of this lifestyle and grow as we go!
photo of a white camper van in front of a pink sky

The Tan Van

Vanessa is a solo female traveling with her white shepheard pup, Zuma. She’s working as a graphic designer to feed her love for travel.
a young woman sitting on top of her white van as the sun sets and the sky turns a mix of dark blue & pink


Kristin travels solo full time with my two dogs, Kashi and Bear. She works as an auditor remotely and in her spare time she loves to hike and chase waterfalls.

A young couple standing in the doorway of their white camper van. Their dog is sitting in front of them in a dessert scenery.

Dixie Van Delight

Corey and Shauna and their dog, Willie Nelson, travel full time in their self converted van. Learn from them on their weekly Vidcast – US VS. THAT.
photo of a school bus with some of the letters missing on the side. It reads Stud Transport of America

A Bus Called Home

Casey is a photographer who choose nomadic life as a way to explore America and to drop the worry about the time it will take to turn around and go home. 


Chek out Jarrod’s Jeep Gladiator with roof top tent and two custom pull out slides. It has a full kitchen, water, power system, seating deck, & storage.
dark gray van with sunset reflecting off of it. It has two large solar panels propped up on top of the roof


Join Erin, JoeBacon & their dog, Sir Finn, in their rebellion against & adVANtures beyond the Picket Fence.
tiny home on wheels siting in driveway hooked up and ready to be towed by a pickup truck. Home is simple design, dark gray with a white door

Gray Ghost

Wes built this DIY travel trailers in his driveway from his own design with a minimalist approach. It can be on or off grid and he didn’t have to spend an arm and leg to get it done.
a vintage tan bread truck sitting in the dessert beneath a puffy cloud sky

The Bread Truck

Paul’s tiny home looks like bread truck on the outside but on the inside it is a beautiful and spacious home. It a great stealth camper which easily blends in cities and even fits into a regular parking spot. 
woman jumps for joy next to her small gray bus labeled TinyFest Express

TinyFest Express

TinyFest CEO, Renee, lives the tiny life in her converted short bus. After 4 1/2 yrs in a tiny house on wheels pulled by her truck, she nows enjoys the ease of traveling in a little skoolie. 
a delivery step van painted bright green

Tiny Home Truck

Vaughn built his Tiny Home Truck in 2019 and have been living in it for about three years! He used a 2009 Workhorse W42 delivery truck to build his stylish, solar powered home in.
white campervan with two surfboards mounted on the side

Van 2.0

Greg and Jess from Drifter Journey will be celebrating our 3 year vanniversary at TinyFest. Their new van was a DIY project that has a bed lift. They also carry a motorcycle along on their adventures!

blue and white VW bug turned into a teardrop camper


Check out Sergio’s 1965 VW Bug converted into a teardrop trailer with bedroom inside and kitchen where the motor used to be. It’s definitely one of a kind!
woman sitting in a macramé sling chair hanging in the doorway of her camper van

Betty White

Jasmine built this van by herself last summer. She plans to visit every national park in the country with her dog. She works as a UX designer by day and gamer by night so she built her van with comfort and tech in mind.

camper van ready loaded and for adventure parked on a beach with the sunset in the background

Chasing Thrills

Meet Taylor and Coach Chris, Certified Personal Trainer (@MusclesOnTheMove) and their dogs at TinyFest. The family is Chasing Thrills in a T1N Sprinter.


photo of the inside of a custom built camper van

Van Jones

Marty & Spin roll around in their DIY stealth camper van, full time, acting the fool and creating the “From The Van” podcast.
photo of a former school bus turned into a camper and parked in what looks like a campground with awning and rug out and picnic table. The photo was taken at night

Woody The Bus

Johnathon is on a quest to see this beautiful country and the things that make it unique. The bus has a folding back porch that the pups sure do love.
4x4 van with big tires and solar panels on top. Looks ready for an expedition

Hurlevent Blue Ocean

Hans, a Pacific Islander who moved to the US as a teenager, lives part-time in his E350 custom DIY built & designed & part-time on his boat.

tiny house on wheels on the salts flats in Utah


Lindsay & Eric Wood have a Tiny Dream home! And, they want to help guide you toward yours!!

Gain Information & Inspiration

Gain indepth information about a variety of tiny living topics, hear inspiring stories and learn through hands-on workshops. Speaker Presentations, Workshops, Q & A Sessions & Panel Discussions will be hosted onsite.

PLUS, access to a Live Stream of all Main Stage presentation is available.

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schedule of presentations on Friday at community stage


schedule of speakers on Main Stage on Saturday


schedule of speakers on Community Stage on Saturday


schedule of speakers on Main Stage on Sunday


schedule of speakers on Community stage on Sunday

Shop the Simple Living Marketplace

Find quality hand-crafted product that will enrich any home AND products and services pertaining to tiny houses, sustainability, simple living, adventure travel, healthy living, reducing, reusing, or recycling. 

logo reads Alive Market. It has a flower with roots under it and reaching around it
artwork of a person morphed into a mountian by the lake word
logo read C & N Modular Structures, LLC
Colorful circus style logo reads J7 Productions
logo reads ColorStreet
logo reads "Socks 4 Balance" VoxxLife
logo reads Oragami Owl
logo reads reVessel simple lettering with a blue circle around the letters re
logo reads SunFusion Energy Systems
logo reads GeoComb Homes Simply Sustainable... out of the Box!
logo reads VeggiDome. There is a carrot to the left of the words
black background with the words "the art of Daniel Jaimes Poop Culture-Movie Icons" with grinch's hand holding a christmas ornament
logo reads Snap ADU Design Build
logo reads doTERRA Wellness Advocate
logo reads NEO Builders Specialzing in ADU Construction and Home Renovations
Logo reads California Tiny House has a palm tree to the left of the words and a tiny house on the right side
logo reads Planetary Design with the words passions pursued & brewed underneath
logo reads WIlderwise with a graphic that appears to look like a W. The downward facing triangles appear to be the sky and the upward middle facing triangle looks like a house
logo with red background and black letters that read Tru-wave professional
logo reads Extend-A-Roll. The O is a roll of toilet paper
logo has a graphic of a house on the beach and reads "San Diego Renovation Pros"
logo reads Crest Homes and has rectangles and squares that are maroon and white
logo reads "Scentsy Independent Consultant"
logo reads Mary Kay Enriching Women's Lives
simple drawing of a cargo van with the sun behind it
simple logo -white background with black letters that read "brava"
Logo reads Tiny House U.S.A. The T looks like the roof of a house

Event Sponsors

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Logo reads ADU INSIDER and has graphic of two houses beside it. One is smaller than the other
Logo has outline of a house with the words Tiny House Ideas in it

Gate Sponsor

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logo reads "Separett waterless toilets"

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logo reads Rebuilding Green Sef Sustainable Communities