Tour a variety of homes!

Meet tiny house builders and van & bus up-fitters!
Talk with homeowners who have “gone tiny” and are excited to share their experiences with you.


Here are some of the homes that were toured at TinyFest California 2020…

logo reads- Lavendar Moon Spaces. Luxury Off-Grid Van & Bus Conversions
computer aided drawing of exterior of tiny house on wheels
logo with a TH followed by the business name: ThinHaus
small home with big front porch. sage green with white trim. Words across the front of the photo say "Keep a Loved One CLose by with a Health Care Unit"
logo with green background, white letters read "Rebuilding Green" Self Sustainable Communities"
computer aided layout of tiny house from above.
logo with green background, white letters read "Rebuilding Green" Self Sustainable Communities"
photo of a cedar sided tiny house on wheels sitting in front of the ocean. Also has a matching dog house and two bikes in front of the house.
black circle with the peaked roof line of a wood house. On the side of the house the letters TMH and in the foreground is a green mountain peak topped with snow. Under the circle is the words Tiny Mountain Houses
photo of an adventure van. It's sleek and modern looking
logo reads "Terra X Van Conversions" The X looks like a highway
interior photo of a van turned into a camper. wood counters, wals and ceiling with gray cupboards
logo has mountain with sunburst shining from behind it. Reads "VanCraft"
metal framework of a small building sitting out in a grassy field
logo that reads "volstrukt Agile Framing Systems"
photo of a 30' long tiny house on wheels.
logo that reads "volstrukt Agile Framing Systems"
interior photo of a small living room. Stylishly decorated in black and white
logo that reads "Homes-To-Go" and has a simple graphic of a house with wheels under it
computer created drawing of interior layout of a 9' x 20' tiny home
logo read C & N Modular Structures
Simply design garden shed/ house on a trailer being pulled by a pickup.
Logo reads BOSS Built On Site System Tiny House
photo of a manufactured park model house. It's beige with white trim and porch railings
Patriotic looking logo has blue house with red and white stripes to the right of it and blue stars to the left. It reads "Instant Mobile House. Fulfilling the American Dream"
metal frame of a tiny house on wheels
logo that reads "volstrukt Agile Framing Systems"
photo of a shipping container turned into a home. Has french doors on the end wide open. Looks like a high end unit
logo has a 3d rectangle with the words "Alternative Living Spaces Inc." underneath it
image of a metal teardrop camper with the back open. It has a futuristic look and is parked by the ocean
logo has a house with wings and the word "Tiny Wings HOMES"
photo of a small retro looking camper in the dessert.
logo in a 50s style font that reads Happier Camper
exterior photo of a vintage 1960s camper set up with awning extended. It's a cute camper with bright color
logo has a graphic of a vintage 1960s camper and reads "Wanderlust Vintage Trailers"
computer added drawing of a small modular home. It has front porch with classic white railing and sits in a green grassy yard.
logo with roofline of house reads "USModular, Inc"
computered aided drawing of the inside of a tiny house with a giant window/ opening and view of the ocean
logo read "Atom Modular" the O in atom looks scientific
computer aided drawing of a small backyard cottage. simple rectangular shape
logo is a drawing of a home with evergreen trees and sunset in the background. Around the home it reads "Back Porch Homes" western/ pioneer style lettering
computer aided drawing of the esterio of a shipping container home.
logo reads "Crate" very modern looking
interior of a bus converted to a camper/home. Young woman and a dog sitting inside and decor that says "support your local farmer"

Magpie the Bus

Meet the Ramblin Farmers – Logan & Justin
woman being interviewed inside a converted school bus

If Wishes Were Horses Bus

Keri’s lovely home on wheels
photo of what looks like a living room but is really the inside of a cargo trailer

Captain's Quarters

Al’s cargo trailer conversion
photo of a school bus in front of red clay cliffs with a stormy sky and rainbow above them

Home Skoolie

The Matthews family’s home and school.
photo of a school bus in the evening. It has a big deck on the top with Christmas lights

LucyBus 420

Hang out with Jaxon on his crazy big deck!
A couple with four young children who appear to be under the age 6 standing in front of light blue school bus that they live in.

Contented Nomads

Home of the Schannep Family
interior of a box truck turned into a camper. wood counter and indian blanket covering the couch. The back door is open and has a view to the ocean

The Great White Bussalo

Box truck home of Shane & Delaney
hobbit style house painted like the night sky

Wizard House

Erik’s unique foamcrete structure
photo of family dressed in 70s attire


Home of the wonderful Jobe family.
Silver ambulance parked in front of a tall bridge in the hazy light of morning


Artisan Josh’s unique traveling home
school bus painted like a woody station wagon parked along the ocean

Little House on the HWY

Check out the fun woodie paint job on Rich & Liz’s bus!
small school bus painted bright turquoise and white. It is parked in front of tall trees.

Mini Squad Skoolie

Is your insurance agent living the BusLife? Alex is!

Van Village sponsored by Nomadik Customs

photo of a van converted to a camper. very modern look with light wood and dark gray
logo reads Nomadik Customes Handcrafting your Freedom Machine
modern looking interior to van camper conversion

Ghost Van

Jarrod Tocci’s new creation
dog sitting in front of a silver van which is in a photography studio


Headquarters of “From the Van” podcast!
photo of a camper van with the back doors open so you can see inside. There is a bench seat on each side with an aisleway in the middle.

Pursuit of Happiness

Midwesterners Evan, Caitlin & their two pups are hitting the road!
couple in their early 30s hugging in front of their conversion van

Drifters Journey

Meet drifters Greg & Jessica 🙂
computer graphic of a 4x4 adventure van with it's front tire pulled up on a rock

Gypsy Tribe

Philip and Lidia are ready for an overlanding adventure!
gray van parked in the beach at sunset


Creative vans and sunsets. Erin loves them both! Who doesn’t??
big white van parked on the side of the road with mountains in the background


Traveling home of Lindsey, Danny and their 2 Van Cats
inside of van converted to a camper. Shows bed and a kitchen area with sink and portable stove top


Christian DIY build is simply wonderful!
photo of van with desert mountains behind it


Jake’s home and musical headquarters for Moxi & Loon
photo of a camper van. Silver and sleek


Check out John silver and sleek home and office!
old VW van ready for camping with an awning and a hammock set up in front of it


Hannie’s van Fred proves a van doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!
photo of peach/ coral colored VW camper van. There is a young couple sitting on top of the van and some jagged low mountains in the background


Colorful rolling home of Madelyn, Caleb, and their business venture- Patchwork Canteen.
interior photo of a camper van with wood cabinets on both sides and a table with blue cushion covered benches built in around it


Toxin free home of Yulia and Brett and their hiking kitty Axel.