What's Your Why?

Embracing Tiny Living: Unveiling the Power of Your “Why”

In a world constantly urging us to accumulate more, bigger, better, the allure of downsizing has never been more profound. As someone who resides in the cozy quarters of a tiny home, I've come to appreciate the transformative magic that lies in understanding the reasons behind our choice to live tiny—the profound "Why" that propels us toward a simpler, more intentional life.

Simon Sinek's Golden Circle principle posits that successful leaders and organizations share a common trait: a deep understanding of their "Why." This principle isn't exclusive to corporate boardrooms—it resonates powerfully with those who have chosen to embrace the tiny living lifestyle.

Your "Why" is the heartbeat of your choice to live in a tiny home. It's not just about downsizing; it's about the reasons driving your decisions. For some, it's a commitment to environmental sustainability, a desire to minimize their carbon footprint. For others, it's a quest for freedom -breaking free from the shackles of stress. If you answer the question “Why do you want to go tiny?” with a phrase similar to one of these three: to have more financial freedom, to have more free time, or to have less stress, then it’s time to dig deeper. It’s crucial to unravel the layers beneath those answers.

For example, if you said you wanted more free time, ask yourself “Why do I want more free time?” You see, the value doesn’t lie in the time itself, but rather in what you will do with it. Will you use the opportunity to pursue passions, deepen connections, volunteer more, relax more, read more, travel more, or simply revel in the joy of being present?

Why do you want financial freedom? What will your life look like once you attain it? How will you feel? What will that allow you to do? Will it allow you to travel the world, support causes dear to your heart, or forge a career that brings you joy rather than mere financial security?

Sometimes people desire more financial freedom so that they don’t have to work as much, so that they will have more free time. If this is you, re-read the previous paragraph. Sometimes people want financial freedom because it will mean less stress in their life. If this is you, carefully read the next paragraph. 

If you answered that you wanted less stress, imagine not just the absence of daily pressures but how that absence will impact you. What does a stress-free life enable you to achieve, and how does it shape your daily life and affect your overall well-being?

The ability to truly understand your “Why” is pivotal. Your goal is not just about living tiny. It’s about crafting a life that resonates with your values and aspirations, one that serves you well and brings you joy.  Your “Why” will be your guide as you navigate the challenges you’ll face on your way to achieving your goal. And when you're inevitably faced with skeptics questioning your choice to live tiny, your clarity of purpose, will be your shield and strength.

The time is now to begin fueling your journey with a resolute understanding of “Why.” It's not just about your goal of living tiny; it's about the purposeful steps you’ll take toward a life that fulfills you. Embrace the Power of Why, and watch your tiny home dreams become reality.

Article written by Renee

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